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History – Teaming Up

In what became close to one-year unbelievable journey in the studio, they were joined by another music icon, Matej Pečaver, high-end producer and their joined forces produced final music. As boys were hanging around and about in this process, they met Rok, bass guitarists. Rok remembers: “I have heard some rumors of Vojc and Damian teaming up with Tommy M. and there was certain buzz over what was going on. I am usually laid back and definitely not a pushy guy, but there was something pushing me forward. I decided to pitch for myself and see what happens. I remembered that Damjan had one of my mikes and took this opportunity to get in touch with him and check these rumors. During the conversation, I explained that I’m free and willing to help in any way possible. His call came during Brasil soccer World Cup, just before the match started. I am huge soccer freak (note: Rok is also a professional soccer coach for juniors), and I was really looking forward to seeing the freaking game, but I went down to the pub and who new; I scored twice. I got to see the game with the boys and landed my roster spot as base guitarists. How cool is that!”


Trio held their first rehearsal on 27th of November 2014, for the first time as Seven Days In May. Band’s name has been decided as an echo of Vojc ‘s crazy life season when he spent his time between creating music and watching an insane amount of movies. He enjoyed older movie classics, especially the ones with Burt Lancaster. “I am huge jeans fan and I like Burt Lancaster jeans style. Strange, but that’s the way it is. When we were deciding on band’s name, we were fiddling back and forth.  I don’t know why, but I checked filmography list of Burt. When we saw movie title “Seven Days In May”, we all knew that’s it. We’ll be Seven Days In May.”


Shortly after they started rehearsing, Seven Days In May, a trio at that time, got a gig at Ljubljana’s legendary KUD France Prešeren. “At that gig, we saw that we do need another guitarist,” Vojc says. They posted an open audition ad and soon they got their fourth member Jani on board.


Seven Days In May held their first official rehearsal on 6th of January 2015. The band considers this as starting date of the band.


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