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History – The Stepping Stone

The band started regular rehearsals from that point on, with all of them pitching in into Seven Days In May sound. Week in week out, the boys were grinding and getting better. Performance got to really high level, however, none of the band members had the time and energy to take it to the next level. They were looking for managers, promoters, bookers to step on their side, but could not connect with any of them.


In mid-2016 members knew that they need to take the next step. Mitch, originally not from the entertainment industry, liked the music, liked the sound; Damjan and Mitch talked about what can be done, how, by whom. Damjan decided to introduce Mitch (native Mitja) to the band. “I liked the music, after a long time I have heard really good rock music. That’s why Damjan and I started talking about how I could contribute to the band.” Boys, open for discussion and new ideas accepted Mitch as part of the team. “We agreed to cooperate. I explained my point of view on band operations, and the band expressed their goals. We commonly agreed on targets and started working. At the end, it is very simple. The only difficult thing is to do one step every day. Every day.”  Mitch knew he will get out of his comfort zone and so will the boys, “the only thing I asked them was not to think of me as their manager, not to call me a manager, rather think of me as full support & hands on deck; I guess that was a mistake. They constantly tease me with “manager” label. What can you do, right?”


Pieces of the puzzle slowly started to fall into place. Damjan succeeded to secure a private rehearsal place (aka “the Pit”) in Ljubljana’s Detroit (native Ditrojt), a place where more than twenty bands made their home; amongst them are also leading regional acts, such as Siddharta, Big Foot Mama, Leeloo Jamais, Elvis Jackson, and others.


Of course, once again, as so many times with bands’ strive to perfection, they took it seriously. Boys fully stripped down the place, fully refurbished it and after three months of hard work, The Pit was ready for the band to call it home.



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