first live Seven Days In May

History – Remembering 2014 First Stage Performance

In late 2014 Seven Days In May was still a trio. These were first steps into the long path of identity search. Boys decided to perform on legendary stage in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They performed three of their songs.

There was a mix of emotions present in all of them, but memories for first live appearance remain; anxiety, a few nervous moments mixed with relaxing atmosphere and positive feedback from the audience.

Part of their identity search was also an interesting detail – all three performed with hats. That seemed a great idea at that time and it still lingers as one of cornerstone memories of the night.

Aside to one more very important thing. Audience. Besides closest friends, boys remember one more interesting thing. In the audience there were two regional celebrities; Lado Bizovičar and Katarina Čas. It did seem that Katarina was enjoying the songs and that memory remains as one of the positive ones.

That was first performed as a trio. After the concert boys agreed that they do need additional help – lead guitarists. That is how the search was begun and final course towards band formation has been set.