Seven Days In May Electronic Promotional Kit

Seven Days In May continues its journey whilst working with other great bands, and seeking new ventures and opportunities.

Accomplished Indie Rock Band with unique style and grace.
Nomadi Tour 004
A word from our partners

“Seven Days in May were part of our 2018 promotional tour of our new album Nomadi. Together we covered 13 venues throughout Slovenia, all-in-all performed in front of 24.000 people and we would gladly take them with us on tour again. They proved themselves very professional (and also lots of fun). Their crew is a well-oiled machine and they have all the bases covered beyond the point you would expect from a newcomer band (which they basically were when we started the tour), showing clear signs that their goals are set high and that there is no room for a job-half-done. They were also really well received by the audiences everywhere. Their performance is solid and it is clear that the stage is where they feel right at home. I would recommend them as a support act to any rock band and/or a rock festival. Hands down & no second thought.”

Sašo Dornik, Siddharta Manager

Live @ Lenny Kravitz Raise Vibration Tour

Arena Stožice, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Paul Weller Outro & Behind the scenes

Arena Tivoli, Sept-2018

Live Performance Audio

Performance materials were recorded during Siddharta’s Nomadi Tour (autumn 2018).

Our Official Videos

All videos are released and streamed from official channel of our label Nika Records, a partner of Warner Music.

Norway – Official Video

Window Acoustic – Official Video

Ready To Fight – Official Video

Paul Weller – Official Video

Trip – Official Video

Kate Moss – Official Video

Sasha Grey – Official Video

She – Official Video

Window – Official Video

Live Session @The Motor City

The Live Session recorded in 2018

Trip @TMC Session

Kate Moss @TMC Session

She @TMC Session

Window @TMC Session

Paul Weller @TMC Session

Sasha Grey @TMC Session

Our Discography

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Meet our team
The Band

Vojko Šintler – vocals, rhytm guitar

Jani Klavora – lead guitar, back vocals

Rok Cizelj – bass guitar

Damjan Lebeničnik – drums,  back vocals


Mitja Brgant – General Manager

Maja Lebeničnik – CFO

Neja Marković – PR Manager

Vasja Humar – Social Media Manager

Robert French – International Advisor


Tine Janžek – Sound Engineer

Matej Pečaver – Sound Producer

Klemen Kranjc – Light Designer & Engineer

Janez Selšek – Stage Manager

Jure Klavora – Video & Photo

Irena Bahč – Merchandise


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Management – Mitja Brgant

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